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About Democratise Ltd

Democratise is a small social company based in Durham city. Driven by a desire to re-engage people with politics, we develop platforms which aim to revolutionise the way citizens interact with the democratic process.

We believe that the current trend of declining participation in the political system can be halted and even reversed by reconnecting people to the decisions that impact their lives. People can be empowered by making clear the power they can wield, our goal is to enable this to happen.

The Team

Jonathan Elmer - Managing Director

Denise Spangler - Website Manager

Andrew MacDonald - Advocate

John Munro - Website Designer

Our founding principles:

  • To empower individuals and groups of people whose viewpoint has been marginalised from a decision making process, where their quality of life is affected by the outcome of the decision.

  • To facilitate people's democratic involvement in decision making.

  • To promote democratic reform and individual / group empowerment across and throughout communities, regions, nations and legally recognised organisations.

  • To create forums that enable individuals to express and discuss issues, then collectively take decisions.

  • To encourage power structures / decision makers to align their decisions with the collectively expressed views of those affected by the decision.

  • To encourage power structures / decision makers to routinely scope the opinions of those affected by their decisions, and then to ensure that decisions are informed by the views of those affected by the decisions.


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