Digital Democracy launch day


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The official launch of our brand new political campaigns site is almost upon us!

The Democratise team are preparing to brave the East Coast mainline at a decidedly unsociable hour in order to spend tomorrow showing off the new site to MPs and their staff at the House of Commons.

Over 50 MPs are due to sign up to the site, which aims to bring democratic discussion into the internet age.

Democratise MD Jonathan Elmer will officially open the national pilot of the site at 1pm tomorrow afternoon, but don’t forget you can still sign up early and have YOUR ideas shown to MPs in Parliament.

For more up to the minute inside info on the launch, be sure to follow us on twitter – we’re @democratise and we’ll be tweeting under the hashtag #digitaldemocracy during the pilot.

the run-up to beta…


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Happy new year wordpress!

First post for a while, due to the voume of work being done on

Plenty to report, however. Firstly, we’re holding a parliamentary reception on March 1st, which will also serve as our official launch date for the website. There we’re planning on showing MPs (and hopefully the media) how the site works and why it’s going to be important. Also we won’t let them leave until they’ve signed up.

So since we’ve had a concrete deadline to work to, things have really started to kick off on the web development side of things. We’re hoping we don’t soon join Douglas Adams in his love of deadlines.

In anticipation of the official launch we will very shortly be openig the site up for its closed beta test. Sometime this week Digital Democracy will go live. If you want to get involved, send us an email at *contact*AT*democratise*.org, post on our Facebook Group or send us a tweet to @democratise

I’ll post as soon as the signup page is live, check back here before the end of the week for news!

Digital Democracy development


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As well as furiously writing code for the Digital Democracy backend, in the past week or so we’ve been working on two new features: avatar generation and maps integration.

Avatars might seem like a pretty simple addition, but we hope they’ll let users express themselves a little bit more. Once the feature is coded in we’ll be able to add more options to the generation process at a later date.

More fundamental to the functionality of the site is the integration of a mapping service. This is something web users have come to expect of sites these days, but we’re hoping to go a stage further than most in its execution. After a brief debate we’re tentatively proceeding to test OS OpenSpace as the platform of choice and we’re quite excited about what we’ll soon be able to do with it… more details soon!

About us…


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We’ve just finalised our first bit of promotional matierial.  Have a look here for a quick summary of what we’re about.